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Ukraine’s Ambassador-at-Large: Ukraine enters turbulent stage as we approach Netherlands referendum. Disinformation in media and military affairs grows | 21 January, 03:00

Kyiv, January 19, 2016. A series of informational and military provocations will increase as we approach April 6, the date of referendum in the Netherlands where the Dutch people are going to express their attitude to the ratification of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. The peak of disinformation tide is expected to come in the last two weeks prior to the referendum, says Ukrainian Ambassador-at-Large Dmytro Kuleba at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

President’s speech at the commemoration ceremony of the Holodomor victims in Ukraine | 10 December 2015, 03:23

"Spring has come but a black cloud is hanging over a village. Children
do not run; they do not play but sit on the roads. Their feet are so
skinny, drawn up, and a big belly between them. The head is large and
bowed face to the ground. And there is almost no face, only teeth on
top. A child is sitting and swinging all over ... An infinite moaning
song... And it demands – neither from the mother nor father, pleading
into the empty space and the world – only one thing: "Eat, eat, eat."

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