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Посол Микола Кулініч: За війною в Україні австралійці бачать Росію
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Головні публікації світових науково-аналітичних та експертних центрів 13/04 - 24/04/17 | 20 квітня 2017, 03:37

 RAND - Perceptions of Russia as a military threat differ sharply across Europe and appear to be heavily influenced by geographical proximity to Russia. Some of Russia's neighbors see Russia as capable of and potentially willing to carry out a conventional attack against them but do not necessarily see such an attack as likely. Relations with Russia have changed irremediably. Tensions are unlikely to recede anytime soon. 2.       ATLANTIC COUNCIL - Is the IMF good for Ukraine? Undisputedly yes. Thanks mainly to IMF loans of $8.8 billion in the last two years, Ukraine’s international currency reserves have risen from $5 billion to $16.7 billion, which has allowed the exchange rate to stabilize and inflation to be contained, offering Ukraine real possibilities to finally start growing soundly. 3.       ATLANTIC COUNCIL - Russia’s Novorossiya project has plunged the world into a new Cold War and caused untold suffering to millions of Ukrainians, but it has also consolidated Ukraine’s sense of national identity and hastened the psychological split with Russia begun in 1991. Putin’s hybrid attack was supposed to end what many in Moscow continue to see as the aberration of Ukrainian independence. Instead, it has cemented Ukraine’s place on the European map after centuries in Russia’s shadow. 4.       ECFR – The meeting of the G-7 foreign ministers in Lucca, Italy had a dynamic that no one could have anticipated. The United States and the United Kingdom led a charge for the G-7 to declare that there can be no solution to the Syria crisis with Assad in power. They further tried (and failed) to line up their allies behind targeted sanctions against Russian military leaders for supporting Assad’s criminal regime. 5.       ECFR - It is impossible to predict which way the winds will blow after the referendum in Turkey next week. But one thing is clear: whatever the result of the vote, one man and one man alone will shape the course of Turkey’s future. 6.       CARNEGIE EUROPE - There is little indication that the U.S. military strike on a Syrian government air base on April 6 constituted part of a broader, long-term strategy adopted by U.S. President Donald Trump with regard to the conflict. The statements emerging from the administration since signal divisions on what will be the priority in Syria moving forward—ousting President Bashar al-Assad or defeating the self-proclaimed Islamic State. 7.       BROOKINGS - The world is changing very fast, and decisionmakers need help to untangle the complex tradeoffs between hard and soft law, policy guidance and political rhetoric, and good corporate practice and unbridled market capitalism. The current political dynamic in the United States, and potentially in Europe, may push us away, however, from the longstanding principles and practices of international law and cooperation needed to do this vital work. 8.       CHATHAM HOUSE - Never mind the Article 50 procedure. An annoyance and a waste of time, it is ultimately inconsequential. The UK will withdraw the request to leave the European Union. It can do this at any time until the end of the two-year period, whenever the government has come to its senses and found a better strategy to get what the British people want. 9.       CARNEGIE MOSCOW CENTER - Mr Trump prides himself on being a dealmaker. He now has a chance to secure that reputation. And in Mr Tillerson, James Mattis, US defence secretary and HR McMaster, the national security adviser, all of them steeped in the rules of power play, the masters of realpolitik in Moscow might finally have met their match. That they are losing their illusions about Mr Trump and his team is a good thing. But the game is not over. It is just beginning. 10.   NATIONAL INEREST - Analyzing the Russian reaction to the American missile strike, one can notice that this reaction was measured. Of course, no one could anticipate anything from Moscow other than condemnation of America’s actions. However, it seemed that officials, including President Putin, said only what was expected from them in this situation; no heated rhetoric followed. And, indeed, there was no need. Loud statements need to be followed by decisive actions; otherwise, a country’s international credibility and positions suffer.
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Головні публікації світових науково-аналітичних та експертних центрів 13/03 - 24/03/17 | 24 березня 2017, 02:12

1.       МОСКОВСКИЙ ЦЕНТР КАРНЕГИ - Возвращение мирового влияния посредством пересечения красных линий и страха неожиданных действий работает против России. Теперь всякая неприятная неожиданность может быть списана на Россию. Обвинения на высшем уровне до начала следствия далеки от идеи построения правового государства, но соблазн дополнить сюжет о непредсказуемом Кремле велик не только в Украине. 2.       ATLANTIC COUNCIL - Security experts who follow the West’s responses to Russia’s meddling in its internal affairs—through cyber hacks, massive disinformation, corruption of Western leaders, and espionage—have good reason to be disappointed. Despite almost every Western intelligence agency urgently warning about the Russian threat, only a few Western leaders are ordering their security institutions to develop and implement robust strategies and policies against it. 3.       FOREIGN POLICY - As the forces of reaction and populism gain strength on both sides of the Atlantic, it is easy to become fatalistic about the fate of Europe and liberal democracy. the longer present trends continue — the longer Russian aggression and subversion goes unchallenged, Western defense budgets shrink, the roots of illiberal populism and nationalism go unaddressed, migratory waves continue unabated, economies stagnate, and America forgoes its role as guarantor of continental stability — the more probable this European nightmare becomes. 4.       POLITICO EUROPE - The blockade lays bare for some Ukrainians the contradictions and hypocrisies of the conflict. “In the end, there is a real anger of ‘Why are we trading with the enemy?’” said one Western official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “There is a real sense of ‘No, we need to cut this off.’” 5.       CHATHAM HOUSE - Despite six years of incoherent policy, Western countries can still positively shape Syria’s post-conflict settlement. This may be their last chance. 6.       CARNEGIE EUROPE - Slowly, Germany is taking on more responsibility in security and defense as Europe faces major internal and external threats. 7.       CARNEGIE EUROPE - Migration is likely to top the EU’s agenda for many years. No other challenge poses similar risks to the survival of liberal European democracies and of European integration. But if handled correctly, immigration also offers great potential for the success of an open and dynamic Europe in a globalized world. The stakes couldn’t be higher. 8.       ECFR - The EU is still the only game in town; Russia has nothing substantive on the table. Despite the current dilemmas, a European future, which means NATO membership too, is the best guarantee of prosperity and stability. With elections this year in Albania and Serbia, let’s hope the millennials can get out and vote. 9.       NATIONAL INTEREST - The contest for influence in Southeast Asia needn’t necessarily be a zero-sum game, but it is still a game that the United States can lose. A Southeast Asia policy review, to include an exploration of U.S. strategy in the South China Sea, should be a priority for the Trump administration during its first six months. To ignore the region is not to invite a modern-day conquest of Singapore by a neo-imperial Chinese army, but it could very well lead to a tipping of the regional balance of power in China’s favor. 10.   ATLANTIC COUNCIL - Russia’s support for the Taliban—a terrorist group with which the United States has been at war for more than fifteen years and that is dedicated to overthrowing Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s government—is causing considerable unease in Afghanistan where officials worry it will undermine efforts to make peace in their war-torn country.
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Головні публікації світових науково-аналітичних та експертних центрів 24/02 - 06/03/17 | 07 березня 2017, 03:36

EURASIA REVIEW - Russia uses soft power and information warfare to win control over former Soviet states. Russia has much more than a simple territorial plan. In fact, in recent decades Moscow has actively pursued Putin’s long-term vision of reestablishing Russian power and influence in the former states of the Soviet Union and not shied away from redrawing borders and launching military campaigns.
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Українська громада міста Джилонг (Австралія) стала переможцем одного з найвідоміших мультикультурних фестивалів Австралії - «Пако-Фест-2017». | 03 березня 2017, 04:29

Міжнаціональний фестиваль «Пако-Фест» вже понад 30 років проводиться у Джилонгу і є одним із найвідоміших етнофестивалів Австралії. Українська громада Джилонгу та професійний танцювальний ансамбль «Легенда» - традиційні фавори фестивалю, на виступ яких завжди з приємністю приходять численні глядачі.  
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Інтерв’ю Посла України в Австралії загальноавстралійському телеканалу АВС у зв’язку із загостренням ситуації в Україні. | 07 лютого 2017, 02:36

Пропонуємо вашій увазі інтерв’ю Посла України М.Кулініча щодо загострення ситуації в Авдіївці провідному міжнародному оглядачу, Директор міжнародних програм Australian broadcasting corporation Філіпу Вільямсу оприлюднене у програмі АВС World (див з 24:20 хв)  
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Eastern Ukraine: West must act to stop Putin’s aggression | 07 лютого 2017, 02:29

We cannot do nothing as Russia redraws Europe’s borders.
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Seven soldiers killed in Ukraine | 31 січня 2017, 03:52

The number of Ukrainian soldiers killed in an offensive by pro-Russian separatists over the past two days has risen to seven in the deadliest outbreak of fighting in the east of the country since mid-December.
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