Embassy of Ukraine in Australia

Kyiv 23:19

Commercial offers of Ukrainian companies and Investment potential of Ukraine's regions

Ladies & Gentlemen,

To present export & investment opportunities of Ukraine we launch a new section entitled "Export and Investment potential of Ukraine's regions".

1 Project UID - 2015

Presentation of the innovative project:

Construction and exploitation of industrial production complexes alternative to the oil of the plant liquid fuel (phytofuel) for carburetor, injector, diesel and turbojet engines on the basis of sugar plant and distilleries wastes of Lviv region.

 2 LLC "Ukrainian Ecological Group" - birch water, natural juices, organic juices, Ukrainian therapeutic mineral waters

 3 «Ukrainian Food 2015» electronic catalog


Presentation: 1 2 3 4

5 FMCG Industry Forum

FMCG Industry Forum is the largest international platform for retailers and wholesalers, suppliers and distributors of consumer goods in Ukraine where they meet to discuss current industry issues, exchange their experiences on the improvement of sales system as well as find new business partners.

 6. "Trembita" - wood furniture  www.trembita-furniture.com and musical instruments www.trembita-guitars.com

 7. Fuel economy energy conservation ecology 

devices and technologies for economy and improvements of burning of liquid fuel (fuel oil, flooded fuel, boiler, furnace, black oil, coke and composite fuel) 

 8. Questionnaires of Ukrainian export-oriented enterprises in various fields (download of questionnaires)

9.  List and approximate volume of products (services), proposed by Ivano-Frankivsk region’s enterprises for export and import in 2015

 10. Commercial proposals of Ukrainian export-oriented enterprises, which are members of Dnipropetrovs'k Chamber of Commerce and Industry: