Embassy of Ukraine in Australia

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Trade and economic cooperation between Ukraine and New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the leading trade partners of Ukraine in Oceania.

According to the Ministry of Income and Charges of Ukraine, in the bilateral trade in January-September 2017 the trade turnover amounted to US$ 11,6 million. Ukrainian exports amounted to US$ 1,9 million. New Zealand imports – US$ 11.57 million. The negative balance is US$ 7.73 million.

In 2017, the structure of Ukrainian exports to New Zealand is dominated by tannin extracts (38.2%), fats and animal oils (16.8%), boilers, machinery (12.5%)

The structure of New Zealand imports to Ukraine is dominated by milk and dairy products, eggs of poultry; natural honey (55.0%), fish and crustaceans (24.4%), cereal crops (4.7%).

The volume of bilateral trade in services in 2017 amounted to 0.5394 million dollars. USA. Ukrainian exports of services to New Zealand amounted to 0.3932 million dollars. USA. New Zealand imports of services to Ukraine - 0.1462 million dollars. USA.

Direct New Zealand investments in Ukraine: as of December 31, 2017. - $ 14.3 million USA.